No thanks to “Pretty and Beautiful women”, women who are not popular because of too self-respecting

20150128There are many pretty women.
There are many beautiful women.
There are many wonderful women.
There are many attractive women.

Is there not such a woman around you?
However, there is the woman which is not popular at all for various reasons.

I wonder why?

I can explain in one word.
“Pride” is too high.

What kind of woman is it?

Against men,

  • You should be good-looking.
  • You should have a high income.
  • You should have high educational background.
  • You should be tall.
  • You should be able to work.

As a problem of herself,

  • She always think about a work
  • She is always stoic.
  • She acts like a madam.
  • She has extremely unyielding spirit.

I got a headache.
I feel like not being a problem only for her pride.
I think whether human nature has a problem.

I think that such a person can live only by herself.
Maybe, it is a best choice.


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