Unusual crime of third case in japanese crime history occured. Junior high school students were arrested in “duel crime”

20140725Duel crime

I was surprised at the crime exists in Japan.
This imprisonment seems to be a crime of less than five years or more than two years.
I have seen such a movie and drama of the 20th century.

12 junior high school students did this crime.
It seems to have met at the briefing for the new high school students.
Then they disputed.
It is a common fight.
It was a battle of six vs six.
It seems of 6 pairs.


  • Duel: 12 people
  • Witness: one
  • Crowd: 100 people

Rules, such as the team competition of judo.
This is interesting.

Moreover, the offer is not a letter, it was the “LINE” is also interesting.
The exchange of ID for that?

Kinda cute.
I also feel a little manhood.
It might have been wanted to fight fair.

Rather than being human to slander on the net, it might be good.

But, it is the crime.
NOT to do.
I think violence is not good, but to fight fair is good.

Using the SNS, Self-esteem seems to be low and feel the sense of depression.

20140724Research team of the University of Innsbruck in Austria, has studied the impact on mental health by the SNS.
As a result, it tends to heavy user using the SNS to feel a sense of depression, self-esteem is low has been found.

According to the research team, it is noted that “people who felt mood is not good in the use of Facebook is saying that there was no meaningful time spent on Facebook”.

What is it the SNS for?
It is “Connection with people.”

I think this is the cause why the people use the SNS.
Using by Friends, colleagues, family, we have to register a new account.
This is like a duty in modern society. It is not enforceable, but it is the duty forced almost.
If you do not, connection with people may be gone.

Excessive use is the hell for you.
Your breaktime also eliminated. Of course, there is no individual time.
Also, reading so many posts will become like a job.

I had expected to be a situation like this.
So, I have the SNS account, but I do not have used.
I said my friends not to use it.
Because that is a way to protect yourself.

In the modern society,
You have to think about protecting yourself from all SNS problems.
Finally, do you keep using the SNS, or not ?

“Young people not buying music CD”, but Disney’s “FROZEN” CD to approach the million sales in Japan.

20140723bPeople of the music industry say.
“The young people are seriously away from music CD.”

Music CD sales are not good. Is it a problem with young people because they don’t buy much?
I do not think so.

CD sales of Disney’s “FROZEN” is expected to reach a million in the last five months.
How people of the music industry intend to excuse this fact?

Because there is no compelling music. I think.
Rather not buying, or there is no CD you want to buy?

The music CD sales have been reducing every year since a peak in 1998.
There is only half of the sales peak this year.
This is also a fact.

Is The music CD someday being a relic of the past?

1,600 children missing in Japan. Bad preconception against “Anime Lovers” is conspicuous

20140722A girl was kidnapped in Okayama Prefecture, and the kidnapper was arrested soon.
I am so glad that the kidnapped girl was in safe.

The media coverage was attention in the culprit that was anime lovers.
Every day, Tv show has been broadcasting about “Anime Lover = a little girl lover = Pervert”.
Something like that.

I’m feeling something uncomfortable.
I could hear the voice of the audience when they got infomation what the kidnapper loves the anime.

“Yes, it must be”.

It appears that coverage hopes and wants you to sympathize with “Anime Lover = a little girl lover = Pervert”.
However, preconception that sexsual criminals are “Anime Lover = a little girl lover = Pervert” is a tyranny.
There are many excellent people who loves the anime.

How come will you suspect as criminals just because of the anime lover?
Such thinking is a pity.

Currently, children of 1,600 people have gone missing in 29 prefectures of Japan.
There was a missing persons of 2500 people, 900 people have been in safe by the police investigation.
However, there are many who still unknown.

I am not the anime lover,
However, I do not hate it.
This incident was the one which had questioned the existence of the media.

170,000 pets per year will be sacrificed in Japan

20140721What is it sacrificed of?

It’s Dogs and cats.
And, there are 170,000 animals that are dumped and killed annually by Japanese.

When the man was in elementary school, the man also had a dog.
Her life was nine years, and she is still living in my heart.
Tears come out when I remember her friendly smiles.

By having a pet, people feel something, are given a lot.
Not feeling from the people, we receive something from a pet.
Now, the pet industry became the 400 billion-yen business in japan.

In the behind of the industry, there is a fact that pets are killed.
What is the problem?
There are a lot.
There is a problem with the breeders.
There is no license to be the breeders in japan.
Breeding and Selling. It is repeated.
Because there is huge demand and huge supply, so this problem would occur.

In addition,
Costing the pets sacrifice in the disposed center is cheap.
Depending on the body weight, it is just 2,000 to 5,000 yen.
If you pick up your lost pets in the disposed center, it costs at least 7,000 yen.
Do not you think that it is the problem?

In Japan, dogs and cats are treated the same as the thing.
Therefore, it means just buying and selling of the thing.
It is not treated as a creature.
This is the fact.

Listen, people who are having any animals.
I want you to take a responsibility till the pets die.
Do not have the pets if you can’t take it!

Mystery on Twitter. Fraud in the account of Xperia Ambassador salon?

20140720Mystery, or Fraud?

Xperia Ambassador Salon(@Xperia_Salon) at Twitter, occurred things.

This account got the 20,000 followers in only tweets twice, however it was reduced up to 800 followers in just one day.
On the internet, it is suspicion of “purchase followers” or that collected followers artificially.

For this suspicion,
“We absolutely do not do, such as followers of purchase in money.”
@Xperia_Salon announced this comment.

Can you not get followers with money?
Do you wish to focus attention to do that?
You shuold raise it steadily!
If illegal, You just lose the trust.

Man is Xperia fan.

It is th end that Japan was the ATM of the foreign residents today. The Supreme Court’s first judgment of the best

20140719“No rights of welfare to permanent foreign residents” the first decision is the Supreme Court
Man is glad that most in the last few years.

This numbers,
75,000…(66% is the korean.)

It was the numbers that Japan was paying the welfare costs for the foreign residents. That is crazy.

However, Why non-japanese are able to receive the welfare cost, It is strange.
I wonder if the national character of Japanese sucker.

That’s enough.
The thing of the past.

Yo, Gentlemen who have insisted on receiving because it is the life in Japan, and because they pay taxes,
It’s time to return to the home country dear.
You can not live in Japan anymore. (Actually, DO NOT)
Soon, and soon, let’s hurry up and return home, guys.

The welfare costs you who had been receiving, the Japanese use for the Japanese.
Japanese who were lonely death is saved.
It is happy in itself.

In the end,
Supreme Court, Banzai!

For the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the National Stadium is demolished

20140718National Stadium (JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL) will be demolished in August 2014.
For the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the New National stadium will be built.
The official name of the National Stadium is apparently referred to as “National Kasumigaoka athletic field.”
There has been such a name, but most of people does not know such a name.

Jingu Outer Gardens and the Meiji Jingu Shrine apparently was the land of the one originally,
Is called the inner park Jingu Meiji Shrine, is referred to as the Jingu Outer Gardens is the location of the National Stadium.
There is a close relationship, there are many history of this place.
There is one question.
I wonder if the architect of the new National Stadium knows this thing.
Based on it, would she has created a design proposal?
Because it is an important place for the Japanese, I want her to study it.

Man had ran track at the National Stadium once.
For a place to be used at the Olympics, my feeling is very nice.
I felt like being the olympic player.
I feel sad with the memories of those days.

Case of circumvention herb does not stop. No justice to protect people in Japan.

20140717Drugs can not be crackdown.
“Herb circumvention of the law”
I do not understand the meaning of being unable crackdown.
Drag is a ringleader for committing the crime, the judiciary can not do anything. it’s crazy.

Circumvention herbs are herbs that can be by mixing chemicals.
This chemical seems to be a problem.
By changing the chemical structure, and escape from the law.

Is it the same as alcohol?
People have been hurt in the crimes committed by alcohol.
People have been hurt in the crimes committed by circumvention herbs.
IS it not illegal?
Even though the people are dying,,,,,.

The justice that crack down something after happening.
It’s very impatient.
It’s too late after happening.

Nearly in the future,
Crime will occur again.
The justice can not stop the crime.

Someone will be a victim today.
We might be a victim tomorrow.

Distance to the destination is not a problem. First steps’ve got difficult.

20140716Man suffer.

It might be a good problem.
There is too many business that I want to do.
But, people have only 24 hours a day.
It is not enough time.
I can try it one by one, but it increase day by day.

Some projects take a long time,
There is also a business that ends in a short period of time.

And I have recently frustrated.

This post’s title is said,
“First steps’ve got difficult.”

If I am able to take one step,
I am able to proceed with momentum after.

That I have many to do is happy.
However, is it not happy with too many?

Because only worry.