When you have to be able to accomplish something without the trust from anyone, it is surprising

20140705People can not do anything alone.
People can not live alone.
People will not be able to achieve anything alone.

That individual to continue day-to-day effort is something important thing.

For example, suppose you have succeeded in the challenge of something.
It may be said to be a success due to the efforts of you.
However, it is not a effort just for you.

Please look around.

There are a lot of people around you.
Good people, bad people, people who will work together, someone to advised, people who come to blame,
There are various people.

After you have accomplished something, you will notice it.
I do not notice before to accomplish.
I do not know why you do not notice.

You will notice.
You that it is not alone,,,,.

Man also not alone.

The secret of success, it is preparation, effort, improvement of failure, in the stack of three

20140704Anyone want to be successful.
I want to send a successful life.
However, it is difficult.

Success, long way to go.
It was not built in a day.

What is the secret of its success?

Successful person is to say,

  1. preparation
  2. effort
  3. improvement of failure


Three things seem important indeed.
However, it is too simple, it is vague.

If you can succeed in this one 3, people from all over the world has been successful.

Man is not a success.

The try for the time being.

If you think things are not going well, think what you’ve been happy how many people to this first

20140703There are various life, and living.

You can do well, or go bad, it is various.
At that time, what do you think?

Myself wrong?
Others are wrong?

Have you thought that there is cause to people around?
Everyone thought carefully yourself.

But, please think.
People around whether happy,,,

That is the best if were to be happy by you.

That the people around us with empathy, be fun, be happy.
Only thing, it has to consider, things will go well.

How many Are you happy?

Work of the manager’s make things through people

20140702Most of Workers will experience success at work.
Young people who do not want to get ahead seems to be a lot in recent years, but reality can not, such as refusing to rise for salaried workers.
Everyone wants to be the only work of his own.
I can focus on just that person that raise their skills.
But, office workers are not allowed it.

Promotion at work.
That you get ahead at work is a good thing.
However, if I change the way of thinking, it is possible to increase the maximum their skills.
You can be the experience that has never been experienced before.

Worrying about it with the various problems Become a managers will be more.
Once upon a time, a man was also experienced. Made me seriously.

At that time, the word that I met,
“The work of the Manager, be made the things through people”
It was the word.

I was helped in this word.

Subordinates for various, how should I support. Worrying about is gone.
I want you to think deeply in one’s own way the meaning of this word.

Myself not to achieve the goal alone.
It is to achieve the goal and ask them helped by a lot of people.
For this purpose,
The first is that change who I am.
Do not attempt to change the people around.
And, it is important to build a relationship of trust.

By doing so,
It got a little success, someday, you’ll grab a big success.

Feeling that is not accomplished anything

20140701Turning point also in 2014 at the earliest.
I had six months ago already.


Thing to feel that it would end in no time has increased.
It seems because of the age.

I think every year.

Over the past six months, or be able to praise it as “well done” to yourself?
‘ve Never praised even once.

This is not to spend every day somehow.
But, I think every year.

Age only increased.
However, there is no feeling that you accomplished something big.

I do not know how many years I can live longer.
Year after year, do you feel this?

Do not want to feel.

Let that you can do now.
There is no choice but to move forward.

It is not finished in this state.

Sanno industrial high school, Mr. Masashi Kawata

20140630The man spent in North America as a student, in the rest of my life, it was looking to what makes what kind of person.
There are many who can respect in the world.
Because abound, it is not going to give the name of all.
But at that time, for me at the time of growth the way, I met a person with the impact.

Sanno Technical High School, is Masashi Kawata.
It is not the actual person.
It’s character basketball Japanese comics of “slam dunk”.

I’d expect to respect a person that does not actually exist, that’s crazy.
I know myself.
But, he was the person who can be a goal for me at the time.

The reason,
This is because continued it is impossible to ordinary people the “effort”.

Sanno Technical High School is a high school basketball powerhouse, one of the best in the nation.
Enters a team of basketball in such a high school, and to win the regular is it takes a lot of effort.

From the time of the first year, Kawata took a regular.
His position, guard.
Height, 165cm.
Small player.
Probably, probably there was a considerable talent speed, quickness, dribbling.

In three years high school, position has changed three times.
Guard, forward, center.
Why not?

Height because he elongation 25cm.

Surprisingly, is not the fact that height is extended.
Each time the position changes,
He is taking a regular.
Sanno Technical High School is a high school basketball powerhouse, one of the best in the nation.
I think with this team, is that every time the position changes, take a regular, efforts that can not be the ordinary people, can not be that there is no talent.

It here, is the greatness of Masashi Kawata.

I think in my life, whether the effort is very important, and I knew.
However, to take action in fact, achieve results.
It amazing.
Every day, all people are striving.
But, it is not put out the results.

But, to continue the effort.

I want to believe this is only talent, and is said to be in a man.

“I have it”

I want to say always.

Beautiful town, Dirty town

20140629Tokyo Olympic Games will be held in 2020.
Buildings and roads of Tokyo is basically clean.
However, it is only noon.

In the evening, it becomes dirty.
Drunk to change dirty.
You drink it good.
The wonder is drinking fun.

However, it is not acceptable to the act of vomit in drinking too much.
It’s painful it can be seen.
But, it’s a public place.
Do not dirty. Do not you know about it?
Do you vomit among your own home?
You do not mean that.
Can I really be dirty if outside?

That drink.
Would not know the word moderation.

Students in particular. College student’s.
Do not we doing this from a young age.

More beautiful town than dirty town, should have a good feeling you are living.
A beautiful town with everyone,,,,.
By all means, I want you to think.

Men are still available even dead


  • men continue to be available even dead
  • men sad in heaven
  • men are treated as thing

There are also various phrases that call.
Any good, but I feel something uncomfortable.

Who of thing?
It is these men.

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Elvis Presley
  3. Bob Marley
  4. John Lennon
  5. George Harrison

Still, it is possible to give a name.

June 25, 2014
5 years after Michael Jackson died.
From the time of the elementary school, the man was a big fan of Michael.
I went to BAD tour.
I did not think he would die so soon.
However, over time the early.
5 years.

In addition to Michael, many artists have been used after death also.
Rather than have been used, probably no choice but to sell from.
When it comes to Michael, the new album will be released.
Contrary to the intention of the person,,,,
There is no intention Because is dead, but it’s Hodai you want to do.

Because there are people you want to hear,,,
Good reason.

I can be called the trafficking of the dead.

But it is legal.

There is a talent, a man who was to die young and successful worldwide.
It is used even dead.
Too sad.

Do not eat carbohydrates if you want to lose weight

20140626The man was holding a weight of 100kg until six months ago.
So funny, I was aiming for 100kg.
It is possible to challenge the results came out is a good thing.

However, I was unable to lose weight.
You gain weight, is the ease.
Up to 100kg can be thin in a particularly simple.
If you want to increase more than 100kg, have a hard time now.
I do not know why. It is true because it was actually tried.

Want to lose weight.
Want to lose weight.
Want to lose weight.

Various ways tried, but rebound quickly.
Method has recently been tried, decide the order to eat.

Always, meal to prepare rice, soup, protein, vegetables.
And the order in which to eat.

  1. I eat all the vegetables.
  2. I eat all the soup.
  3. I eat all the side dish.
  4. I eat rice last.

This order.

However, eating is boring.
It’s really boring.


Was stopped to think that you eat.

The United States is no longer.
Willing to buy neither.
Even eating out, I no longer eat rice.

Somehow, the feeling that I lost a little weight to.
Would be mistaken.

I tried riding on the weight scale.
2kg is also thin.


It’s perhaps – but, it’s perhaps – but,
– Of not it has been really skinny is not it.

I try to continue without rice.

Weight has plummeted.

Unplug the only rice, I try to eat pasta.
Unchanged, there is no increase in body weight.

This is it.

In three months, I fell up to 90kg.

Cause carbohydrates.
This guy was the cause.

Gentlemen you want to lose weight!
Do not eat carbohydrates if you want to lose weight.

By the way, recent hobby is jogging.
This is the key to success,,,?

World Cup end of crushing defeat Japan

20140625World Cup in Japan ended with three consecutive losses almost.
Or rather, there is only a miserable feeling.
If the Japanese football as usual, it did not become such a result.
To what went wrong?
Man is for amateur football, but it is clear at a glance.

Zaccheroni of supervision, is this person.

First, I want to say.
When you announce the members, he gave me a surprise to us.

It is the selection of “Yoshito Okubo”.

Okubo player is a player of great about become top scorer.
It showed me a great movement in this tournament.
However, football is what to do with 11 people.

In this surprise, the man was convinced “something happens in the W Cup” he said.
A good thing, a bad thing, it is not known.
However, there is no choice but to think about bad things have occurred.

Say is,
Japan team can be said that a team of Honda player.
Do you can Okubo players take the cooperation with the team as soon as it entered the Japanese team?
Can I express the usual formation?
I used to work in any, to enter the team, from watching the way of work of the team, teamwork is born with or to make suggestions of their own.
I do not think it enters the team suddenly in such a surprise, and put out the results.
In fact, not out.
Furthermore, Okubo player is a starting lineup with three games.

This is, I miss the helm of first Zaccheroni was committed.
This result, or was able to imagine W Cup pre-season?
I do not want to say only this.

Helm miss the second, eight minutes into the second half of Ivory Coast game.
It is a change of Hasebe player.

Japan players was nervous.
They were nervous, even the second half.
Why the change of captain Hasebe players?
Still, it’s time zone in which the leader must lead this team.

Immediately after that, the appearance of the player Drogba.
Leading players the team.
Player that is respected by everybody.
Hero of the Ivory Coast.
Atmosphere of the game has changed.

Japan, lost.

Yet, still, there is something to say.
Substitution. Never was even practice “power play”,,,,

That’s enough. I’m sick.

In the end,
I want to say to Zaccheroni.

You broke the dream of every four years of Japanese.
W Cup’s “fight”.
If this were war, then, is dead all players.
You are a war criminal.

Players were cheers for hard work.
I hope in four years later.
Go for it! Samurai.