Pay attention to only this, the point which you are not depression.

20150409It is a new season.
There will be many people intending to challenge a new thing.

However, there is the person suffering from depression adversely.
I want to advise such a person.

What do you must do not to be depression?

  • Relieve lack of sleep.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Review the eating habits.
  • Take vitamins.
  • Exercise.

I cannot tell that you are not depression even if you try it above.
However, the effort is necessary so that you are not depression.

The life is not fun when you suffer from depression.
Your life has to be pleasant every day.

We make an effort for even slightly better life, and let’s make it a habit.

“I loved her so much.” but,,,,Her behavior that the man has disliked suddenly.

20150408There is a sweetheart whom the man loved.
The man did not think that she was such a kind of woman.

The men sometimes say so.

According to the men, Only her looks was his type.
She does not have any problems herself.

However, you may be not able to be patient.

It will not keep the relationship with her.
What will her behavior to think so?

  • The woman cannot even say “hello”.
  • The woman cannot say “thank you”.
  • The woman is curious about a call partner.
  • The woman is curious about the contents of the email.
  • The woman speaks ill of yourself.
  • The woman says a indecent joke to another person.
  • The woman asks yearly income.
  • The woman asks amount of savings.

You must hate such a woman.
But the man should accept such a kind of woman.

However, actually, You are not accepted.
You cannot accept her even if you love her so much.

There is a big gap between an ideal and the reality.

The beautiful woman play this, the sports that you get thinner and fun.

20150407The diet is hard.
You never get thinner every day even if you go to the gym.


You feel so.

Are there the sports which you can get thinner in spite of being fun?

There is it.
You will be satisfied.

It is got thinner although being a fun.
I recommend it to you who are greedy.

  • Kick boxing
  • Hula
  • Bouldering

Being common to these three sports, it is to use the muscle not to usually use.

You only exercise the same muscle even if you go to the gym.
Besides, though you want to get thinner, you get muscle, and a body grows big.

Relaxing slowly, it is important to sometimes exercise intensely.

After all, you do not follow when not fun.

A hint to get thinner may be “Fun”.

The used car which a professional does not buy, the point that you should be careful about?

20150406“I want a car.”
“I want a new car.”

However, the new car is expensive.
You must choose the used car.

There are a lot of used cars with good conditions.
It is very similar with a new car.

There will be many people thinking about.

However, in the case of a used car, there is the point that you must be careful about.
There is the car which a used car dealer does not buy.

What is that?

  • No maintenance record.
  • Strange noise from an engine.
  • The shape of the door or the trunk is distorted.
  • There is the marks repaired.
  • Only a seat is old.

In the case of a used car, it is necessary to make the car look better.
Therefore a meter is rewinded and some distortions is repaired.

When you sell it somedays, you are not able to sell such a car at a high price.

You cannot notice the hidden damages like a used car dealer, but the effort is necessary.

It is the first step for happy car life.

The reason why a single women don’t get married, one reason is the yearly income of the men.

20150403There are the women who wants to get married.

And They have an ideal.
Of course the men have the ideal, too.

Particularly, One of the 70% women’s ideals is the yearly income of the man.

How much is the yearly income to demand from a partner?

  • Less than $30,000 : 1%
  • $30,000-40,000 : 12%
  • $40,000-50,000 : 17%
  • $50,000-70,000 : 23%
  • $70,000-100,000 : 14%
  • More than $100,000 : 6%

Men, what do you think?

It seems to hope for an average of $64,000.

There are a few great people who do not matter the partner’s yearly income .

  • Man : 57%
  • Woman : 27%


The much higher yearly income is good for anyone.
If a man is a woman, the guy says the same thing.

But a woman who seeks the high yearly income is disliked by a man.
A man with the high yearly income does not come to her.

I suggest that you tell nobody even if you have an ideal.

The marriage is life, the marriage means to become a family.

20150402You have a dream about the marriage.

“I will spend such a life if I get married.”
“I will live in such a house if I get married.”
“I will want such children if I get married.”

You have various dreams.

However, the reality is so far apart.

What is it?
What will an ideal and the reality of the life with the husband or wife be?

  • The lifestyles are different.
  • The preference of the meal is different.
  • The looks change.
  • The life is changed in a disease.
  • Sexless.

Speaking frankly, there are no dreams.

Why is it?

This is because it is a family.

Except sexless, it is very similar to the life time with the parents.
And the quarrel has never stopped, too.
Would you imagine that you quarrelled before getting married?

However, it is reality.

But I guess you must spend a happy life with your partner.

Nice advice for the women? The make-up point which you want to be careful particularly.

20150401“My make-up is not good recently.”

Is there such a trouble?

It is the reason that the parts of the face changes by aging.
Then, what parts should you care?

  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Chin

The causes are slack and a wrinkle.
It is necessary to be usually careful about drying, ultraviolet rays and fatigue.

And the muscular strength must be improved, too.
When you wash off the makeup, you should do the exercise of face.

You always keep anti-aging in mind, and healthy life is necessary.
Let’s do your best!

Really existed? “Soot Gremlin” of “My Neighbor Totoro”

20150331It appeared in Mexico.
It existed.

I can’t believe it.

I thought that it was a creature of the imagination.

I am astonished to see a picture.
It is real “Soot Gremlin” of Japanese animated movie “My Neighbor Totoro”.


Which one is your wife? Good wife or Not good wife.

20150330I want the wife to be nice to you if possible.
However, the reality may be different.

Now, you will think how your wife is.

Then, I ask you some questions about your wife.

  • Does she like cooking?
  • Is she tidy?
  • Does she listen to your talk?
  • Is she positive?
  • Is she honest personality?
  • Does she manage the cost of living good very well?
  • Does she take care of her looking after the birth?

The woman should be treated as a woman.
The woman should behave as a woman.

The man does not change if the woman remain the time when he met her.

I can say the same thing to “Men”.

It is important to be careful each other.

Forget about the Fitness Gym anymore, the Method that you get thinner more.

20150327“I need exercise!”

The people that gained weight recently say it.

“Let’s be a member in the fitness gym.”

And you begin the workout every day.
However, it is only three days that you continued it.

Why is it?

You said that “I am tired”.
And, you continue only gaining weight.

Then what should you do?

  • Do not do the exercise to continue.
  • Choose the exercise to use the muscular strength for excessively.

Excessive exercise?
What is it?

  • Use the stairs in the office.
  • Get off at a station before one and walk.

These two are enough.

Well, let’s start.
You will lose 5 kg weight three months later.