The memory loss by using smartphone, the method to improve it.

20150529There will be many people who did not hand-write since you begin to use a computer.
And, by PC and a smartphone, a memory skill decreases.

It is a fact.

Do you often feel that you do not remember it recently?
Slightly scared.

What should you get better memory skill even a little be?

  • Take drinks with caffeine.
  • Have a meal having good balance.
  • Take good sleep.
  • Play a game.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Make love.

It is not so difficult thing.

You can begin it since today.
Let’s do it right now.

“What do you seek a marriage partner?”, income or housework?

20150528Now, the women make money, too.
The women make the same amount of money as the men.

When you get married, only a man does not have to make money.
However, the woman will want to marry a man making much money.

About income and housework, which will you seek from a marriage partner?

  • The woman seeks the man to make much of income. (87%)
  • The man seeks the woman to do housework. (68%)

It is an expected result.

The woman wants a man to help with housework.
The man wants a woman to make money a little.

Do you think so?

Both income and housework are need.
This balance is very difficult.

Each other’s situation is important when you get married.
It is no use to say “I do housework” after got married.
You have to say it before marriage.

Because the reality is greatly different from the ideal, you may get a divorce.
It is a difficult problem.

Why this person succeeded, there are some reasons that they succeeded in common.

20150527A winner.

Anyone Yearns “A winner”.
All people want to succeed and make an effort.

However, they cannot succeed.

A succeeding person and not succeeding person.
What will be different?
A succeeding person is…

  • Choosing the favorite work.
  • Developing an imagination.
  • Developing concentration.
  • Ignoring criticism.
  • Keeping to learn.
  • Having a person helping you.
  • Keeping health.
  • Believing yourself.

You may not succeed only in this.
However, you should try it.

And, luck is important.

You care of the above and get a good luck.
Then, you will be a winner.

A person who cannot get married, I’ll tell you what you should improve right now.

20150526I explain it briefly.
I will tell you directly.

A person who cannot get married.

It is due to you.
What is the cause?

Here you are.

  • You do not want to take responsibility or duty.
  • You do not take action from yourself.
  • You are just waiting for.
  • You make an excuse to oneself.
  • You say criticism against another person.
  • You live for working.
  • You are too high idealist.

You are a common person.
You are not a special person.

At first, you should look at yourself objectively.
If you were the other person, do you love you?
Do you want to marry you?

You should understand the reason that cannot get married most.

At first, you should make an action.
It is not yet late.

Dear only men having an affair now, you should be careful about this.

20150525“I have an affair now.”
“I want to keep this good relationship.”

All cheaters having an affair think so.

However, it sometimes comes out.
Why has it come out?

All men wonder.
Is it the power of the woman?

It cannot have possibilities to be such a psychic power.

What is the cause?

It is in you.
You make a cause.

Then, what is the cause?

  • You are always careful about a cell-phone.
  • You are always with a cell-phone.
  • You do not tell the plan of the holiday.
  • You sometimes refuse dating.
  • You became talkative recently.
  • You became stylish recently.
  • You became so gentle to her.

It comes out in this.

However, you cannot make time for two women at the same time.
What should you do?

It is to prepare for when you usually had an affair.
Particularly, it comes out as soon as you are careful about the cell-phone.

Good luck.!

“Now dieting.”, but the person who should stop it right now.

20150521Dear people who are on a diet.

It is warning.
The person with below should stop it right now.

  • To feel sluggish.
  • Depression.
  • Much hair loss.
  • Many pimples.
  • Bad breath.

Is everything O.K.?
Nutrition is insufficient.

Particularly, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamins are not enough.

You will get disease if you continue to diet.
Please stop it right now.

“Antioxidative potency”, this is elements to get forever young.

20150520“I want to keep youth.”

It is the wish of all people.
However, you get old practically.

You want to do something.
It is necessary to do something.

You need “Antioxidative potency” to realize it.

What is this?

It takes away “Active oxygen” from a body.
This active oxygen causes the aging.

What are foods having high antioxidative potency?

  • Carrot
  • Pumpkin
  • Spinach
  • Tomato

as vegetables.


  • Liver
  • Egg
  • Salmon

as meat.

  • Green tea
  • Soybean
  • Chocolate
  • Curry

It is the foods which is easy to take in routinely.
Besides, there are a lot.

You search a word “Antioxidative potency” to keep youth, and let’s get necessary foods.
Make an action right now.

Let’s exercise a little in a room, introducing a petit dieting method.

20150519“I want to get thinner.”
“I want to get thinner.”
“I want to get thinner.”

There are many people who always think about diet.
However, you do not get thinner.

It is caused by not exercising.

But, you do not want to do exercise.
There are many such people, too.

I introduce you a method to exercise in everyday life.

Anyone must be able to do it.

  • To keep good posture.
  • To clean up the room hard every day.
  • To put away foods in the room.
  • To do a sit-up if you feel hunger.
  • To do buttocks walk when you move in a room.

Sound easy.

However, is it possible not to stock foods in the room?

In a nutshell,
It means not to eat in the room and to move your body.

Naturally, you will get thinner by this.

If you do not get thinner in this, you should go to the diet school.

“I want to get married but do not want to get married.”, because of it (him).

20150518“I want to get married.”

There are a lot of women thinking the marriage.
But they say also “I do not want to get married.”

Why is it?

A man seems to have problems.

The cause is this.

  • A man chase a too big dream.
  • A man does not make actions only with big mouth.
  • A mania for cleanliness.
  • Extreme nervous temperament.
  • A man looks down on a woman.
  • Stink, Stink, Stink.

“I cannot marry such a man.”

It is the true intention of the woman.
It will be natural.

However, I can say the same thing to a woman.
The man does not want to marry the woman such as the above.

A man and woman are facing with the same problem.

Good luck for finding a nice partner.

Man living for love, Man living for marriage.

20150515The men think of getting marriage someday.
However, the single man says.

“The marriage partner is not current girlfriend.”

Why is it?
Does he go out with her because of loving her?

All men think so.

“The love” is different from ” the marriage”.

Once again, why is it?

There are some reasons.

  • In the love, men want to throb.
  • In the marriage, men want to feel peacefulness.
  • In the love, men can not stand the disadvantage of the partner.
  • In the marriage, it does not matter much that the partner has the disadvantage.
  • In the love, her look is important.
  • In the marriage, her character is important.
  • In the love, men live only for feelings.
  • In the marriage, men think about reality.
  • In the love, a partner is a lover.
  • In the marriage, a partner is a family.

It is real men’s feelings.

The woman seems to be all right in the same men by the love or the marriage.
They will want to love a marriage partner.

This is the creature called “male”.