“I had an affair.” How much is consolation money?

20150513A flirtation.
Why do you call it a flirtation?

This love is seriousness.
Do I have to have one partner?

It does not mean anything even if I say such a thing.
It is called “a flirtation” in the world.

When you had an affair, various problems will occur.
The first problem is consolation money.

It is a hateful word.

However, it is reality.

Then, how will the amount of money be fixed?

  • Age
  • Relations with the partner
  • Do you know that he(she) was a married person?
  • Period
  • How much did you give him(her) mental pain?
  • Which asks dating first?


How much is the real amount of money?

Generally, it seems to be around $10,000-30,000.

Some people says that it is calculated “Marriage years Multiplied by $10,000″.
In the married life of five years, it is $50,000.

I want to say a word.

“Discount, please!”

“Love a beautiful woman”, why does “the guy who is attracted by physical looks only” prefer the beautiful women?

20150512There are ugly men.
There are a lot.

“Ugly men” may not have a girlfriend.

However, in spite of the ugly, the guy says that he is interested only in a beautiful woman.

Why does “the guy who is attracted by physical looks only” like the beautiful women?

What can they keep by having a beautiful girlfriend?
What is it?

It is “Pride”.

Their pride is unexpectedly high.
They do not think themself “ugly guy”.
They think themself “good-looking” and “their talk is funny”.

However, the guy who is attracted by physical looks only is absolutely,

  • The guy is not good-looking.
  • The guy is seif-confident too much.
  • The guy thinks himself “he is cool”.


But I feel slightly enviable.
It is very important to have self-confidence.

The confidence changes all of you.
I do not write here what you change.
Because you understands it if you has self-confidence.

Good luck.!

What is “Cinderella man”? this is a guy whom the woman wants to go out with.

20150511What kind of man is an ideal man for the woman?

Such a “Cinderella Man” is booming now.
What is it?

These guys are it.

  • Take you home by 24:00 after dating.
  • Do everything the woman wants.
  • Believe destined love.
  • Do cooking, cleaning like a house-made.
  • Loved by all people.

I surely think that such a man exists.
However, is anything not insufficient?

It is manliness.

I do not feel the power of the man.
It is like a girl.

But this is booming now.
Most of guys will not be chosen by the women.

The men who do not have a girlfriend will increase.
That is too bad.

But the men must feel reality.
It has been the strange world for the men.

Woman having an affair, it is such a woman.

20150508“I have never had an affair.”

All women will think so.
However, 40-80% of women seem to be the affair experienced people.

Is it true?

Then, what kind of woman is having an affair?
There are some common points.

  • Basically, the woman is popular with men.
  • The woman looks down on the man.
  • The woman wants to be praised.
  • The woman wants to be attracted attention most.
  • The woman loves luxury brand.
  • The woman makes many body touches to the man.
  • The woman take the center position when you take a photograph.
  • The woman appeals to you for result of the work.
  • The woman calls herself by her name.
  • The woman wears feminine fashions such as red, pink or the floral design.

There are a lot of such women.
But, it may depend on her occupation.

The opportunity to have an affair is various.

  • When the woman heard the bad-mouth of the wife.
  • When the woman met an old lover.
  • When the woman got to know in SNS.

Particularly, an affair partner seems to be the boss of the company.
It will be the man who is closely and kindly.

However, an affair is a dangerous act.
You may not find happiness.

However, the woman runs about for love.
It is a woman.

“I am dieting”, but you fail it.

20150507“I am dieting now.”

Everyone feel that you are always saying.

There will be many such people.
Your friend notices it, too.

“You will fail dieting again.”

It is a terrible word.

However, the cause is you.
What is the cause?

  • An aim of the weight loss is reckless.
  • You eat in peace if you exercise.
  • You eat at night without being able to tolerate hunger.
  • You do not start action, just to say it.
  • You have many reasons called the reward to yourself.

Briefly, it is only “You are generous with yourself”.
You just convince yourself that you diet.

I can say clearly.

It is impossible for you who diet many times.
However, you cannot give it up.

You just need a strong will.

You will become baldy sometime soon, what you should not do for hair.


The woman dislikes it.

The man must evade baldy.
It is a problem to deserve if you take first priority above all.

Then, what should you do to take good care of hair?

  • Stop smoking.
  • Stop working too much.
  • Sleep much more.
  • Avoid the ultraviolet rays.
  • Stop drinking the alcoholic drinks.
  • Stop using over 38 degrees hot water.
  • Stop the high-fat caloric meal.
  • Stop using the hot dryer.
  • Stop brushing hard.

You have many things to do..
You understand that it is so bad for hair.

You have to carry it out from today.

Because the hair is an everlasting friend.

The secret of the happy marriage, what should the husband do?

20150430The husband works, and the wife works, too.
There are many such couples.

For busy two people, it is important to have the time together.
As for the time of “the conversation”, it is the most important in that.

“The conversation” is essential for the happy marriage.
The marriage relations are over sometime soon if they cannot get even that time.

You must have it in marriage.
Then, what will the husband should do for the wife?
What does the wife wants the husband to do.

It is “a cook”.
It is not to eat.
It is one to make.

The husband only cooks on a holiday, and the wife feels happiness.
You may cook together.

If the wife and your family are pleased, even slightly poor cooking is all right.

Let’s begin it.
Let’s become a cooking daddy from today.
Let’s try effort to become a cooking daddy.

The secret to be rich, it makes the others to be on your side?

20150428“I want to become rich.”

Most people think so.
Therefore, people are working hard every day.

However, do you know the rich friends who are working hard around you?
There will be no at all.

Because you can not be rich by yourself.
Then how would the rich person become rich?
An answer was unexpectedly easily given.

It makes another person ot be on your side.
Then how should you make another person to be on your side?

  • Give what a partner expects all.

Here you go.

To be rich, you must grasp what a partner expects.
Your partner is gonna be on your side if you grant the wish as much as possible.
They will become your cooperator.

You increase many partners, and you works hard, too.
It is only this.

However, this is hardest thing.

Lose vigor? This food cause it.

20150427“I do not feel energy recently.”
“I feel fatigue.”

There are a lot of causes.
It may be caused by the fact that you do not want to work.

Even if you do not feel energy, it is bad that you lose vigor.
The life is not fun.

What is the big cause?

It is food.

By some foods, your sex life becomes worst.

Then what must you not eat?

  • Beans
  • Bean cake (tofu)
  • Cheese
  • Onion
  • Mint
  • Red part of the meat
  • Broccoli
  • Hot dog
  • French fries

Why do we have to avoid these foods.
I do not understand.
I eat considerably every day.

I can explain in one word.
Bad digestion is caused.
At first, you will stop this food.

You may change a little.

“The waste of the wife is serious matter.”, How to get over wasteful habits?

20150424When you come home, there are a thing and the clothes which you have never seen.
Besides, it happens every day.

The wife bought it again.
The wife has never stopped buying even if you say again and again.

How should you do so it?

Should you scold her?
Useless. And, meaningless.
Her greed will not change forever.

However, there is a method to get over.

It will be to reduce purchase will.
What should you do?

You only change the color of her wallet to “brown”.
This brown has a meaning.

Brown means

  • Color of the mother earth
  • Very large warmth
  • A sense of stability

By the effect of this color, impulse to spend money disappears.
Please change not only the color of the wallet but also the keyboard, mouse and smartphones to the brown.

You should try to know that it is a lie or the truth.

Let’s try it right now!