Such a couple is in crisis, immediate improvement of relationships?

20150423When the couple spends many years, they have good memories.
But, how about now?
There are not many good memories recently.
Though you loved each other so much when you are young, you will think why not.

If you got married so long time, you feel a partner to be like air.

Is it fine?
Is it happy?

What kind of the couple is in crisis?
It is not a laughing matter.

  • You do not talk about the thought to avoid a quarrel.
  • You do not go out together.
  • You think about alone life recently.
  • You think a partner to be a troublesome person.
  • You are not interested in the talk of the partner.

Have you not thought about such a thing?

Considerably, the crisis comes to you very soon.

It is important to talk. Actually, you need a lot of talk.
You are gonna lose interest in a partner when you do not talk.

You should sometimes be dating after a long absence.
How about it?

“I do not want to go to work”, and how are you absent from work?

20150422“I was so tired.”
“I do not want to work today.” (Actually, every day.)
“I want to take a rest.”

However, you cannot be absent from work.
You cannot take a rest without a reason.

You do not need the explanation.

If you have a reason, you can be absent from work.
What kind of reason will can you take a rest easily?

  • Because I have to go to the hospital.
  • Because a parent is sick.
  • Because I have to go to the wedding ceremony of my friend.
  • Because I have to go to the funeral of the relative.

In addition,
You make a schedule of the work beforehand.
It is easy to take a rest when you try work hard routinely.

When you are absent from work, you can not be absent without the colleague’s coopration.
It is necessary to make a plan beforehand so that the colleague is not annoyed.

It is all what you should.

You should do your best every day to take a rest comfortably.
When the colleague take a rest, you should let the colleague take it comfortably.
Then, you become easy to take a rest, too.

The lack of sleep is danger, what is the appropriate sleep?

“I want to sleep.”

But you do not have the time.

There should be many such people.
You work too much.
However, you must work.
You must cut the time for the sleep.

The lack of sleep is risky.
What kind of risk is it?

  • The balance of the hormone collapses and gains weight.
  • It is easy to suffer from a disease. In particular, a cancer.


What should you do to avoid this risk?

It is 7-hour sleep.
It is the sleep with a few risks.

In addition, it is risky to oversleep.
Brain degenerates.

You should have regular lives, and let’s make a sleep consciously.

“What a wonderful woman she is!”, No,,, just clothes are wonderful.

20150420There is a wonderful woman.
The wonderful woman walks down on the street and closes to you.


I feel some incongruities.

Why is it?

Well, is her clothing wonderful?

I sometimes feel it so.
However, there is the woman who is disappointed with clothes though it is a beautiful woman.

What kind of woman is it?

  • She wears the clothes of the different season.
  • It does not match age.
  • It does not match a figure.
  • She wears a small cap.
  • Wacky clothes.

I can say the same thing to not only the woman but also the man.

It is not at all a bad thing.
I think whether you may wear favorite clothes freely.

However, the people around you always look at you.

The woman is over when she acts like this, the woman who forgot to be a woman.

20150417Assertion of male.

“The woman is graceful, beautifully, and womanfully.”

It is a delusion.

The real woman is acting like the man at the place that the man does not look at.
I was astonished when I witnessed it.

The woman is a common human being.
The woman is not human beings of the delusions that the man think of.

What kind of woman is really over?

  • She comes to the company with no make-up.
  • Her talking is messy.
  • She says a dirty joke.
  • She laughs in a loud voice.
  • She has much unwanted hair.
  • Her Hair is shaggy like just wake up.
  • She does not dye gray hair.
  • She goes out in a house coat.

There are many.
I have met such a woman.

What has changed her?

There is no help for it even if I think.
Just leave her alone.

“What a beautiful woman.”, who is a woman which you look back unintentionally?

20150416Even if it is a man or woman, you look back without thinking when you look at the beautiful person .
It is because anyone likes beautiful people.

The beautiful person is liked unconditionally.
Is it not enviable?

However, do you do nothing just to be enviable?

Do you not want to approach an even slightly beautiful person?
Let’s approach it.
You will become a beautiful person, too.

But what will look beautiful?

  • A face seen from the side is beautiful.
  • The chest is beautiful.
  • A thin leg is beautiful.
  • A posture is beautiful.
  • A body to look at from behind is beautiful.

There will be many people giving it up.
However, it is not necessary to give it up.

A point is “to get thinner”.
Imagine yourself thinner.
It will be a person with five of the above.

And it is to have “self-confidence”.
Self-confidence makes a beautiful posture.

You will become a person looking back unintentionally immediately, too.
Let’s start right now.

An advice of expert wife, the secret to continue the married life for a long time.

20150415A married life is suddenly over.
You could not imagine that such a day came to you when you got married.

Therefore, I want to ask.

What is the secret to continue a married life for a long time?
You should ask women.

However, whom should I ask?
I asked the patient women who continued a married life more than 25 years.

  • You should marry with second loving man.
  • You choose the man of the face which you like even if he get older.
  • You choose the man which you feel fun even if you have any simple meals.
  • A hobby is the same.
  • The preference of the meal is the same.


Very difficult.
Do you think that such a man comes to love you?

The point of the secret is better “a hateful thing is the same” than “a favorite thing is the same”.

This is the secret that I think of.
It was not necessary to ask an expert wife at the beginning,

,,,I guess so.

“Please help me”, what is the cause of the constipation?

20150414The man is not constipation.
However, I know the constipation is painful for you.

You feel hell.

There will be many people who carry it out immediately if you understand a cause.
How do you do not to be constipation?

  • Eat many vegetables and fruit every meal.
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day.
  • Do exercise to use the abdominal muscle.
  • Because it may be caused by a disease, Talk with a doctor.
  • Confirm prescribed medicine.
  • Take the time for restrooms for ten minutes in morning.
  • Do not endure it without choosing the place when you feel defecation desire.
  • Stop taking constipation medicine.

There seem to be various causes.
Try it one by one.

If constipation is improved, life becomes fun, and the skin becomes beautiful, too.
If constipation continues, the bowels explode and may die.

You must be improved right now.
Let’s do your best.

“I want to be proposed.” but,,, the reason why I refused a marriage proposal.

20150413“I want to get married.”
“I want to be proposed.”

To get married, you need a partner.

There is a woman who refused a marriage proposal though there is a partner.
There is a woman who refused a marriage proposal though she wants to get married.

What is the reason?

  • To be proposed after he had an affair.
  • A better partner must appear.
  • Not to able to imagine the future of the partner.
  • There was not the mood.
  • Not to feel fate with the partner.
  • After all, I still want to be an unmarried person.
  • I understood that I did not want to get married when proposed.

It is selfish opinions.

But it can be understood.

How do the men feel about that?
Will the men propose again?

You should give it up.
Let’s expect to meet the next encounter.

But it is not easy.

Prevent the bad breath in this, the measures that dentists tell you.

20150410Bad breath.
It is a big problem!

It is always at high position in the stinking ranking.

The image of the person changes by bad breath, and the people may dislike you.
Anyone does not feel good that you keep having the bad breath.

Then, how should you prevent it?

  • Gargle.
  • Do not brush your teeth after a meal by all means.
  • Prevents you from being tense.
  • Brush your teeth by all means in the morning.

I can say one word about the above.

It is the quantity of saliva.

The secretion of saliva seems to decrease when yoou get old.
A little quantity of saliva causes the bad breath.

It is difficult to control quantity.
However, you have to do it.

You should carry it out if you do not want to be avoided by the other persons.

“Decline of quantity of saliva = bad breath”

It is surprising.