Do not eat carbohydrates if you want to lose weight

20140626The man was holding a weight of 100kg until six months ago.
So funny, I was aiming for 100kg.
It is possible to challenge the results came out is a good thing.

However, I was unable to lose weight.
You gain weight, is the ease.
Up to 100kg can be thin in a particularly simple.
If you want to increase more than 100kg, have a hard time now.
I do not know why. It is true because it was actually tried.

Want to lose weight.
Want to lose weight.
Want to lose weight.

Various ways tried, but rebound quickly.
Method has recently been tried, decide the order to eat.

Always, meal to prepare rice, soup, protein, vegetables.
And the order in which to eat.

  1. I eat all the vegetables.
  2. I eat all the soup.
  3. I eat all the side dish.
  4. I eat rice last.

This order.

However, eating is boring.
It’s really boring.


Was stopped to think that you eat.

The United States is no longer.
Willing to buy neither.
Even eating out, I no longer eat rice.

Somehow, the feeling that I lost a little weight to.
Would be mistaken.

I tried riding on the weight scale.
2kg is also thin.


It’s perhaps – but, it’s perhaps – but,
– Of not it has been really skinny is not it.

I try to continue without rice.

Weight has plummeted.

Unplug the only rice, I try to eat pasta.
Unchanged, there is no increase in body weight.

This is it.

In three months, I fell up to 90kg.

Cause carbohydrates.
This guy was the cause.

Gentlemen you want to lose weight!
Do not eat carbohydrates if you want to lose weight.

By the way, recent hobby is jogging.
This is the key to success,,,?

World Cup end of crushing defeat Japan

20140625World Cup in Japan ended with three consecutive losses almost.
Or rather, there is only a miserable feeling.
If the Japanese football as usual, it did not become such a result.
To what went wrong?
Man is for amateur football, but it is clear at a glance.

Zaccheroni of supervision, is this person.

First, I want to say.
When you announce the members, he gave me a surprise to us.

It is the selection of “Yoshito Okubo”.

Okubo player is a player of great about become top scorer.
It showed me a great movement in this tournament.
However, football is what to do with 11 people.

In this surprise, the man was convinced “something happens in the W Cup” he said.
A good thing, a bad thing, it is not known.
However, there is no choice but to think about bad things have occurred.

Say is,
Japan team can be said that a team of Honda player.
Do you can Okubo players take the cooperation with the team as soon as it entered the Japanese team?
Can I express the usual formation?
I used to work in any, to enter the team, from watching the way of work of the team, teamwork is born with or to make suggestions of their own.
I do not think it enters the team suddenly in such a surprise, and put out the results.
In fact, not out.
Furthermore, Okubo player is a starting lineup with three games.

This is, I miss the helm of first Zaccheroni was committed.
This result, or was able to imagine W Cup pre-season?
I do not want to say only this.

Helm miss the second, eight minutes into the second half of Ivory Coast game.
It is a change of Hasebe player.

Japan players was nervous.
They were nervous, even the second half.
Why the change of captain Hasebe players?
Still, it’s time zone in which the leader must lead this team.

Immediately after that, the appearance of the player Drogba.
Leading players the team.
Player that is respected by everybody.
Hero of the Ivory Coast.
Atmosphere of the game has changed.

Japan, lost.

Yet, still, there is something to say.
Substitution. Never was even practice “power play”,,,,

That’s enough. I’m sick.

In the end,
I want to say to Zaccheroni.

You broke the dream of every four years of Japanese.
W Cup’s “fight”.
If this were war, then, is dead all players.
You are a war criminal.

Players were cheers for hard work.
I hope in four years later.
Go for it! Samurai.

Conditions of excellent new business development salesman

20140624What is excellence?
I think people want to be in an excellent new business development salesman.
However, those people can not be in many cases.


By the three conditions, an excellent new development salesman can be successful new business development.
Simple things. Three things.

That is,

  • The bright always.
  • Not listen to people.
  • Not read the atmosphere.


There is only objection.

However, when you think about it carefully, the sales positions responsible for new business development is a pretty hard job.
This is because it is affecting the work of the future fate of the company.

Understand. There is no choice.

Let us consider one by one.

The first one

  • The bright always.

I think this is always necessary to workers.
I Can understand.

The second

  • Not listen to people.

What about this.
As workers, as an adult, it is not impossible.
If this had been in front of me, and frustrating.

The third

  • Not read the atmosphere.

Out of the question.
I do not want to and work with such a person.
I get to change the person in charge. Or, I cut the guy.

Cut. Cut. Cut.

All three components are put together, it’s become a man to save the company.

Man is also a sales job.
If you work at the thought of the three, it goes well.

I wonder good in this?

Slip of the tongue of politicians who have forgotten their nation glance

20140623Slip of the tongue of politicians is not that it has recently started. I know such a thing. There was a slip of the tongue of many before the man is born. What is this politicians can do for the people of Japan, what you can change, how we can negotiate with the politicians of the world. And have forgotten and be chosen by the people. Politicians some are convinced “Politicians great” he said. It will be nothing to do, such as expectations of the people at the moment when I was elected.
That politicians “who married early or not it” and this is said, women stood up absolutely, we have to mention. As it is the real intention of them.

Gaffe collection of Japanese politicians

  • Failure to keep a promise is not a big deal
  • Japanese archipelago is not a property of only Japanese
  • I hated as AIDS
  • The bombing can not be helped
  • The poor good to eat wheat
  • It is no exaggeration to say parents of neat and inferior to animal
  • You should make a strict penalties. Parents of boy who committed a crime should do to neck out
  • Women machine to breed
  • Human social common sense is missing quite frankly often
  • To talk of Yasukuni to say that “tough, tough” and it’s only two power country, South Korea and China, in 191 countriesthe
  • Only working hours for sale is a factory worker
  • Japan is the kingdom of God of emperor worship

It committing the future of this country in such a politician is the very unusual behavior.

KILIALOGUE and the future

“KILIALOGUE” is the new word which combined “LOGUE = words” with “KILIA = 1000″.

The man was seeking the place that merely spoke up.
I feel so glad to release this site in this time.

This site consists from the all thing that I wanted to speak so far including “An event of Japan”, “An event of a world”, “an event of the work” and “a personal event”.
Particularly, I want to tell clearly “an event of Japan” to world’s everybody.
By a problem deceiving people by the truth and the problem with the lie, I cannot keep quiet.

There are sometimes the groan, but please listen to it. The man wants to only convey “1000 words” for our future.