Let’s exercise a little in a room, introducing a petit dieting method.

20150519“I want to get thinner.”
“I want to get thinner.”
“I want to get thinner.”

There are many people who always think about diet.
However, you do not get thinner.

It is caused by not exercising.

But, you do not want to do exercise.
There are many such people, too.

I introduce you a method to exercise in everyday life.

Anyone must be able to do it.

  • To keep good posture.
  • To clean up the room hard every day.
  • To put away foods in the room.
  • To do a sit-up if you feel hunger.
  • To do buttocks walk when you move in a room.

Sound easy.

However, is it possible not to stock foods in the room?

In a nutshell,
It means not to eat in the room and to move your body.

Naturally, you will get thinner by this.

If you do not get thinner in this, you should go to the diet school.

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